Saturday, May 28, 2011

Engagements - Boise, Idaho; Scott & Callie

I got to take pictures of this cute couple last week.  I took them to a new location that I found and they were so willing to try my different poses and places.  Thanks!  I think they turned out great.  Can't wait for the wedding!


  1. OMGOSH, Kristen, these are AWESOME!!! Great job! My faves are the one w/ the traffic light, but I'd photo shop out a little bit of the road, it's just got a little too much space at the bottom, then I still love the the graffiti one, and the one with them holding the picture frame is adorable, but my all time favorite is the one where she's standing behind him looking at the camera with her hand thru his arm on his shoulder, and he's looking downward (at her hand maybe?). It's absolutely stunning. You have got some serious talent! :)

  2. These turned out really cute! Love the ones on the street and the frame. Good job!