Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello World!

Hello all!  I am finally going public with my photo blog.  Still in the works, but nevertheless, it is here!  Hope you enjoy the pics, and leave me comments please.  I LOVE comments.  :)  Know of anyone that needs pics in the Boise area?  Please send them my way and I would love to help them out.



  1. Hey Kris! Great job on all of your pictures! I can see such an artistic eye from your pictures :) It is so hard to put yourself out there when you are just starting out. But you did it! I am proud of you! My biggest piece of advice is save all your pretty pennies from your shoots until you have enough to buy yourself a great lens. IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING you shoot. When I got my 50mm 2.0 lens I had no idea what I had been missing!

  2. Cute blog! Glad it's finally public :) Love the latest pics of B.